Chevron Belts

We offer to our clients chevron belts that have special application in handling loose bulk materials. Chevron belting is used to convey material at angels that are so sleep that load slip or roll back might be occur. The special profile on a such belts make increased angles of inclination possible compared with smooth surface belts . These industrial chevron belt mostly used in concrete batching plants, stone quarries, road scalpers, truck / wagon loading system, etc.
Our industrial chevron belt get inclined upto 35-40 deg may be achieved. These belts are highly durable and have excellent application in the Construction Industry. CHEVRON belting are 15mm high in V,Y,U PROFILS in dai-moulded. Offered at competitive rates.
Most important advantage of CHEVRON BELTING are due to high angles of inclunation is that less space is needed to acchive the required conveyor height and also reduce the cost of the system. Standard width of chevron belting are from 490 mm wide to 800m wide (higher width can be offered on request).

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