We are the leading organizations engaged in the distribution and exports of precision made industrial belts, v belts and conveyor belts. Besides this, with our sound expertize in the industrial field, we also deals in adhesives and industrial hoses.


Chevron Belts

We offer to our clients chevron belts that have special application in handling loose bulk materials. Chevron belting is used to convey material at angels that are so sleep that load slip or roll back might be occur. The special profile on a such belts make increased angles of inclination possible compared with smooth surface belts . These industrial chevron belt mostly used in concrete batching plants, stone quarries, road scalpers, truck / wagon loading system, etc.
Our industrial chevron belt get inclined upto 35-40 deg may be achieved. These belts are highly durable and have excellent application in the Construction Industry. CHEVRON belting are 15mm high in V,Y,U PROFILS in dai-moulded. Offered at competitive rates.
Most important advantage of CHEVRON BELTING are due to high angles of inclunation is that less space is needed to acchive the required conveyor height and also reduce the cost of the system. Standard width of chevron belting are from 490 mm wide to 800m wide (higher width can be offered on request).

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Conveyor Belt

We present cotton/cotton, polyamide/ cotton, polyamide/polyamide, polyamide/polyester, conveyor belt with best qulaity of both warp and weft. Our belt has low elongation, good mechanical fastening and adhesion with rubber. Under high temperature conditions, its deformation is relatively low. These conveyor belts are suitable for short to long distance and light to heavy load transportation of materials. Polyester polyamide conveyor belt is an upgraded with low tension resistant characterstics.

We offer wide range of conveyor belting from 100 mm width – 2400mm width. Cover grade are M -24 Grade (General Application), Har ( High Abrasion Resistance), Hr-1, Hr-2, Shr Grade, Uhr Grade Upto 300 Deg. Temp, Fr ( Fire Resistance, O.R Grade ( Oil Resistance), White Hygienic Conveyor Belt. We offer special range of steel cord conveyor belting like side wall, chevorn belting conveyor.

Side Wall Conveyor Belts

Offered with Wave Top design our side wall conveyor belts provides excellent grip and are used for conveying bagged material on telescopic wagon / truck loading systems. These belts are provided with specialist Kessler Joints that can even bend on 50mm pulleys. Our belts can be used for transporting materials as they permit a smooth loading and discharge.

Foundary Grade Belts

We have developed the specialist range of ‘Foundry Grade Belts’ that are designed for the rugged foundry working environment and derive performances which dwarf the conventional general duty belts. The Foundry Grade Belts Range includes Green Sand Belts, Retur Belts, Heavy Duty Elevator Bells, Magnetic Separator Belts S. Shot B Tumbler Belts. Available at competitive rates, we have the capability to offer them at competitive rates.

Fertilizer Grade Belts

We have developed the specialist range of Fertilizer Grade Belts’ These belts are designed for the rugged working environments and derive performances which dwarf the conventional general duty belts. The Fertilizer Grade Belt Range includes Phosphate Belts and Other General Fertilizer Handling Belts, NPK Belts & DAP. Available at competitive rates, we have the capability to offer them with various specifications as per the requirements as per the requirements of the clients.

Industrial Vee Belts

We supply every type of belt from the ubiquitous classical v belt to the most advanced toothed belts, along with quality pulleys and Taper Lock bushes. We are also stockiest of specialist belts such as extruded polyurethane, variable speed, flat transmission & conveyor belts and link belting.

Conveyor Assocrises

We manufacture all types of conveyor assoicrises that conform to Standard 6IS8598. The experience gained over the years have enabled us to offer most reliable and cost effective assocrises and their capacities range between 50 to 6000 TPH.

Industrial Hoses

We manufacture high-performing industrial rubber hoses that are made from high quality synthetic rubber and are very durable for the industrial wear and tear. Mostly used as water water delivery hose, water suction hose, welding hose, pneumatic hose etc, these are supplied to automobile industries, petrochemical industries, food industries, cement plants, garages, etc. These hoses can also be made as per the customer specifications.

Pully Lagging Sheet (Daimond Profile)

We present to our clients pully lagging sheet that is made from best quality is raw materials and is widely used across various industries. Available at competitive rates, these sheets can be custom manufactured as per the needs of the clients.

Industrial Adhesive

We offer a wide array of adhesive tubes. Available in various sizes and can be customized as per clients specifications.